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50-100 kg/h Peanut Butter Making Machine in UK

riqiAug23, 2021 noteBy Serena
At the end of March 2021, a set of our peanut butter making machine was sent to the UK. At present, the customer has received the equipment, and the use effect is very good.
The customer’s finished product is salted peanut butter, so a mixing tank and a secondary grinder are added. The whole set of equipment contains 7 machines, the voltage is 308v/50hz/3phase.
50-100 kg/h Peanut Butter Making Machine in UK
The workflow is: peanut roasting machine - cooling cart - peanut grinding machine - storage tank - mixing tank  - grinder - storage tank

1. Peanut roasting machine:  Gas heating type. Stainless steel 201 for outer shell and touching food parts. Rotary roller cage roasting machine, the final nut quality is high.
2. Cooling cart: manual discharge. To cooling the roasted nut.
3. Peanut butter grinding machine: Colloid mills are widely used to make various nut butters, such as peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter, etc.
4. Storage tank: Store the peanut butter temporarily to cool down.
5. Peanut butter mixing tank: Add seasonings such as salt and stir. The material is SUS 304.
6. Peanut butter grinder: Grind peanut butter twice to improve fineness and uniformity.
7. Storage tank: Store the finished peanut butter, waiting for filling, etc.
Peanut Butter Production Line in UK
Features of Peanut Butter Making Machine in UK
  • The output is small, the area is small, and the input cost is low.
  • Peanuts have a high roasting maturity, which improves the quality of the sauce.
  • Food-grade stainless steel material ensures the safety of food production.
  • It can be used to make all kinds of smooth peanut butter and flavored peanut butter.
  • The fineness of the finished peanut butter can reach 100 meshes, and the fineness is adjustable.

This 50-100 kg/h peanut butter production machine is very popular with peanut butter processing plants due to its low investment and high quality. It has been sold to many countries, such as the Philippines, Kenya, Zambia, Malaysia, Lebanon, Nigeria, etc.
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