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100 kg/h Peanut Butter Making Machine Prices in Zambia

riqiAug11, 2021 noteBy Serena
In June 2021, we sold a set of 100 kg/h peanut butter making machine to Zambia. The main equipment includes peanut roasting machine, peeling machine, nut butter grinding machine, etc. Complete functions, small scale and low price.
  • Voltage: 380v/50hz, three phase
  • Material: Stainless steel
Peanut Butter Making Machine Prices in Zambia
This is a new business for the customer and requires a small peanut butter line, so we recommended 100 kg/h. This customer also contacted our customers in Zambia and learned about our business, so they trust us very much.

A set of semi-automatic peanut butter making machine usually contains 5 equipment: peanut roasting machine, cooling machine, peeling machine, butter grinding machine, filling machine. Users can choose the right equipment according to their own needs.
100 kg/h Peanut Butter Making Machine in Zambia
  • Peanut roasting machine: This machine adopts a rotary rolling cage to heat the peanuts evenly. Automatic temperature control to ensure baking quality.
  • Cooling machine: It has a high-power fan to quickly cool the peanuts.
  • Peanut peeling machine: Peanut peeling when the moisture content of peanuts after roasting is less than 5%. Stable performance, high productivity, good peeling effect.
  • Peanut butter grinding machine: This is a colloid mill that can make nut butters, such as peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter, tahini, etc. The finished product has a particle size of 2-50 microns and a homogeneity of more than 90%.
  • Peanut butter filling machine:Fill the peanut butter in 250g, 500g, 800g bottles. 304 stainless steel for food contact parts.

Peanut Butter Making Machine Prices in Zambia
Generally speaking, the price of a 100 kg/h peanut butter machine is around US$20,000. According to the different processes of the user, the equipment configuration may be different, so the price will change. In addition, the prices of production lines such as 200 kg/h and 500 kg/h are also different.

In the local market in Zambia, peanut butter is very popular, but there are few peanut butter producers, so this is an opportunity.
If you also want to start a peanut butter processing business and are interested in the price of peanut butter machines, please contact us.
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