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Two Drums Peanut Roasting Machine Delivered to Kenya

riqiAug26, 2019 noteBy Serena
Our two drums peanut roasting machine was delivered to Kenya, and customers purchased a cooling belt in front of the oven to cool the roasted peanuts. Electric heating, output 200 kg/h, voltage 380V.

Application of Peanut Roasting Machine in Kenya
This machine is suitable to roast sunflower seeds, melon seeds, pine nut, coffee bean, hazel, pistachio nut, watermelon seeds, peanut/groundnuts, pumpkin seeds. Wide application in food industry.
Two Drums Peanut Roasting Machine in Kenya
Electric and gas heating type optional.
Ggas heating type, equipped with energy-saving burner, can adjust the firepower;
Electric heating type, with temperature controller, can adjust the temperature.

Features of Two Drums Peanut Roasting Machine in Kenya
The equipment is a newly developed new high-efficiency energy-saving electric furnace, and the baked products are pure in taste.
The machine has the advantages of energy saving, safety, convenient heating, stable performance, low power consumption, low operating cost, long service life, easy operation and maintenance, etc. The baking quality meets food hygiene standards and international production standards.

Peanut Roasting Machine Boxing Picture:
Peanut Roasting Machine Delivered to Kenya


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