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Most Important Parameter of Castor Bean Shelling Machine

riqiJul31, 2017 noteBy Serena
Speed is an important parameter for castor bean shelling machine. Speed can be said to be a dynamic and vague concept, but it is to use our actual castor thresher has great influence, the speed is too large or too small will bring some problems to us, so we need to continue to pay attention to.
1, before the hopper under the drum from the ground too close, resulting in large angle scraping scraping.
2, the belt is too loose, adjust the drum to the big belt to re-install.
3, the clutch is too loose, you can clutch the U-shaped card out of a few loose silk can be resolved.
4, chain: two sprockets do not match, the chain is too loose.
5, large belt deviation: adjust the front of the hopper below the two sides of the drum screw, with the deviation, adjust the left side of the trough left.
6, castor thresher does not turn: clutch too loose, adjust the clutch lever, so that the clutch tight.
When we use the castor thresher, we have to consider the issue of the use of speed, the speed of the problem d is guaranteed, and our production, use can be better.
Castor Bean Shelling Machine

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