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Installation Of Sunflower Butter Production Line In Estonia

riqiJan12, 2024 noteBy Serena
On December 29, our company's sunflower seed butter production line successfully completed installation, debugging and production in Estonia, and the entire project successfully passed acceptance. This is a landmark achievement for our company.
Installation Of Sunflower Butter Production Line In Estonia
The journey began on November 25, 2023, when the meticulous installation and testing phase culminated in the completion of the entire production line. The attention to detail was evident, with the heat shrinkable film packaging snugly encasing the sunflower seed butter, impressing the customer with its impeccable packaging effect.

As the sunflower seed butter project in Estonia progressed, our team ensured not only the functionality of the line but also the knowledge transfer to our Estonian partners. On November 29, 2023, our installation and delivery team conducted comprehensive training sessions on production line automation and packaging equipment linkage operations for the employees of the Estonian customer factory. This proactive step aimed at empowering the local workforce to manage and maintain the equipment, ensuring its stable operation in the future.

The turning point arrived on December 8, 2023, when the first batch of sunflower seed butter rolled off the production line. The culmination of efforts and collaboration came to fruition on December 14, 2023, as our dedicated delivery team assisted the Estonian customer in successfully producing sunflower seed butter in three delightful flavors: original, sweet, and chocolate. This achievement marked the commencement of mass production, setting the stage for a thriving partnership between our company and the Estonian community.
Mass-produced Sunflower Seed Butter
The successful installation and production of the sunflower butter production line in Estonia not only signify our company's commitment to excellence but also highlight the spirit of collaboration between our teams and the local workforce. As the sunflower seed butter makes its way to households, it carries with it the essence of quality, dedication, and a shared success story between our company and the vibrant Estonian community.

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