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Electric Soybean Roaster

riqiDec26, 2017 noteBy Serena
The soya bean roasting machine uses the principle of heat conduction and heat radiation, with natural gas or electric as a heat source, far infrared radiation heating. Electric soybean roaster is equipped with intelligent electronic digital temperature control device can automatically control the temperature of the oven, at high and low temperature control, high automation. It is a professional barbecue equipment of various granular food, spiced peanuts white rice baked milk original, flower fruit.
Soybean roasting machine has the advantages of beautiful appearance, reasonable structure. It is features with sanitation, no pollution, temperature adjustable, high thermal efficiency, energy saving. characteristics of baked food baking machine is low in fat, low cholesterol, eat more healthy. The structure is safe. A heat insulation layer, baking machine to improve the thermal efficiency, easy to use. Convenient cleaning.
The emergence of baking oven has greatly enriched our life. It has high temperature resistance, erosion resistance, high fuel consumption, high thermal efficiency, convenient movement, easy maintenance and wide range of uses. On average, the color and taste of baked food are well received. Its structure is simple and easy to clean. It has high efficiency, energy saving, safety and hygiene. The baked peanuts have beautiful color and good taste. They can be used for baking salted, salty and crisp, spiced, peanut, chestnut, cashew nuts, hazelnut and ginkgo.
Electric Soybean Roaster

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