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How dose a chickpeas roasting machine work?

riqiDec26, 2017 noteBy Serena
The single layer type independent heating structure is adopted by the chickpeas roasting machine, and the bilateral two-way blowing into the circulating hot air can effectively solve the defects of different material dewatering rate. Each cycle unit can set the drying temperature independently to meet the needs of the material at different temperatures in the drying process. This is the workign principle of chickpeas roasting machine.
Main features:
1, the distribution of air flow is more reasonable, and the dehydration of the finished products is more uniform to ensure the high quality of the products. The two sides and two way air intake are adopted, and the hot air is blown from four directions to the material, so as to achieve the purpose of even moisture content after drying, and the degree of dehydration homogeneity is currently at the leading level of the world.
2, zoning temperature control, each cycle unit can set the drying temperature independently. In order to meet the needs of different temperatures in the drying process.
3, the control is simple, and the temperature control can be zoning. The temperature and the circulation air volume are adjusted at any time according to the specific conditions of the drying material, and the temperature setting is rapid.
4, the temperature and the drying time can be adjustable. It is made up of multiple circulation units. According to the drying process of different materials, the temperature and circulation volume of each cycle unit are set, and the function of drying, roasting and cooling of each cycle unit can be arbitrarily switched.
Chickpeas Roasting Machine

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