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SS 304 Industrial Salt Crusher Machine LONGER Brand

riqiFeb15, 2019 noteBy Serena
The industrial salt crusher machine is a professional food grade granular material grinding crushing device which can make salt powder, sugar powder, spices powder etc. It is made of 304 stainless steel material production, can be satisfied with many industry norms, destruction of equipment, water-cooled jacket, most of the heat used to destroy the material needs. 
SS 304 Salt Crushing Machine Supplier

Features of Food Grade Salt Crushing Machine
  • Universal mill control simple, convenient protection, more and more customers get the recognition, its excellent production capacity, can satisfy the needs of most users output value.
  • In the use of protection, industrial salt crusher is also a compact component layout, no dead ends, cleaning more simple.
  • The salt crusher machine is also a green machine, pollution-free, low noise, alone equipped with aggregate room, dust chamber, so that dust is fully collected, to meet customer needs for cleanliness, as the whole dynamic balancing outstanding , But also significantly reduced the noise. 
  • Universal crusher is the general crushing equipment commonly used in grain, chemical, pharmaceutical and some processing plants. With the continuous improvement of various industry standards in the field of industrial application, the demand for raw materials is also getting higher and higher.The machine can meet the requirements of many industries.
Industrial Salt Crusher Machine LONGER Brand

Application of Stainless Steel Salt Crusher Machine
  • In food industry, the crusher is a good device to make salt powder, sugar powder, cocoa powder, rice powder, moringa powder,curry powder,
  • It  is also mainly used in medicine, chemical, feed and other industries.
The universal pulverizer has different structural designs, which can pulverize materials under different materials and environments to meet the crushing needs of various industries. If you have any request for the machine, let us know.

Working Principle of Industrial Salt Crusher:
It uses the relative movement between the movable gear and the fixed gear to make the material broken by the impact of the tooth, the collision and the mutual impact between the materials.

Video: Salt Crushing Process in Plant

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