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Cocoa Bean Roasting Process in Industrial

riqiFeb21, 2020 noteBy Serena
Roasting cocoa beans is similar to baking coffee beans, which is very important to the flavor of chocolate.

In industry, roasting cocoa beans is usually done by a cocoa roaster, and professional machines are used to remove the skin of the cocoa beans. Then, what is the cocoa bean roasting process in industry?
Roasted Cocoa Beans
Roasting Process of Cocoa Bean in a Oven:
1. The cocoa bean is sent from the higher part of the rotary drum and touches with the hot air and rotates along with the cylinder. 
2. Under the action of gravity, the material flows to the lower end, and then is discharged after drying. 
3. After roasting, the cocoa beans cool quickly, and the thin skin that becomes crisp during roasting is removed. 

Industrial Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine:
This machine adopts a rotating roller cage. During the roasting process, the object is continuously propelled by the propulsion device in the barrel to form an uninterrupted cycle, so that it is uniformly heated and effectively guarantees the roasting quality.
The machine has the advantages of energy saving, safety, convenient sanitation, fast temperature rise, stable performance, and low power consumption.
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