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Types of Groundnut Roasters

riqiDec29, 2017 noteBy Serena
Groundnut roasters can be divided into two types: drum groundnut roasting machine and multi-layer groundnut roaster machine.
1. Groundnut drum roasting machine
Peanut roasting machine uses advanced drum plus copy board structure. When the material into the cylinder, the role of the copy board, the material is constantly being thrown in the hot air flow so that the particles fully contact with the hot surface, so as to achieve the best drying effect, and then complete the material drying process. The machine is mainly composed of a rotary body, lifting plate, transmission, support devices and seals and other components.
1, stable operation of equipment, continuous production. Material from the feed to the material, just 5-10 minutes to reach the drying requirements.
2, the use of low temperature drying technology, effectively reduce the material loss of nutrients less.
3, drying evenly, thoroughly.
4, this equipment can be used for drying other grains at the same time, reaching a multi-purpose machine.
5, made of stainless steel to ensure food safety while greatly extending the life of the equipment.
6, equipment covers an area of ​​small, low energy consumption, simple operation, that is open to use, easy to control.
Groundnut Drum Roasting Machine
2. Multi-layer roaster machine
The main heating methods of the multi-layer drying equipment are electric heating, steam heating, heat conduction oil heating, and hot air furnace heating. The main principle is that the uniform material tile on the mesh belt, mesh belt with 12-60 wire mesh belt, dragging by the gear in the dryer and moves, hot air in the materials flow through, water vapor discharged from the exhaust hole, so as to achieve the purpose of drying, the body length by standard sections in order to save space, and can be drying mechanism into multi-layer, common has three layers and five layers, the length of 6-40m, the effective width of 0.6-3.0m.
The above is the introduction of two kinds of roasting machines. If you want to know more about roating machines, just feel free to contact me.
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Layer Groundnut Roaster


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