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Complete Quinoa Seed Cleaning Machine Sold to Italy

riqiApr11, 2018 noteBy Serena
Our one set 150kg/h compelte quinoa seed cleaning machine was sold to Emilia-Romagna, Italy. This Italy client was a farmer and his farm will harvest plenty of quinoa in a season, so the client wanted to start a quinoa processing plant, and the customer needed to buy a complete quinoa seed cleaning machine, capacity even 150 kg / h and which can work with 220V. We can customize the machine according to the customers' output and voltage requirements.
The cleaning machine has a variety of use because it can clean sesame seed, quinoa seed, raisin, wheat etc grains. This quinoas cleaning and drying machine is mainly composed of two parts of water tank and driler, with auxiliary equipment, such as feeding, drainage, rotation, sand draining, ventilation and so on. It has the advantages of automatic cleaning, automatic separation, automatic wind loading and so on. It is convenient and quick, and is the best choice for deep processing industry of sesame and quinoa foods.

The parameters of the component:
Penumatic Elevator:1.5kw, 2000*800*3000mm, 260kg
Quinoa Seed Cleaning Machine:0.75kw, 2700*600*1650mm, 350kg
Sesame Dryer Machine:1.5kw, 1000*800*900mm, 150kg


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