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How Dose Sesame Cleaning Machine Work?

riqiApr11, 2018 noteBy Serena
The utility model relates to a device for removing impurities in sesame seeds and cleaning sesame seeds, in particular to a sesame cleaning machine. How dose a sesame cleaning machine work? Following will introduce the structure and working principle of the cleaning machine.
The top of the front of the sesame cleaning tank is equipped with a storage bin above the front of the cleaning tank, the top of the storage bin is equipped with a miscellaneous bucket, the lower part of the storage bin is inverted cone type, the bottom of the storage bin is provided with a material pipe, a movable cover board is installed on the outlet of the discharge bin, a rotating shaft is provided in the cleaning tank, a reaming dragon is on the rotating shaft, and the bottom of the cleaning tank is installed at the bottom of the rear end. The filter net I, the bottom of the filter net is provided with a slime trough, a sludge pipe at the bottom of the slime trough, a hollow blind tube at the end of the rotating shaft, an opening on the side wall of the hollow blind pipe, a hopper at the opening, the circular arc filter net of the hopper, the two ends of the filter net, and the sand drain pipe installed in the cleaning tank. The lower part of the end.
The process of cleaning sesame and removing impurities can be completed in the equipment once and at the same time. The sesame cleaning machine saves the cleaning, sand, removal and other operation processes, and the efficiency is high, and the cleaning and removal effect is good. If you are interested in the sesame cleaning machine, just feel free to contact us.
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How Sesame Cleaning Machine Work

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