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Pulverizer Machine Manufacturers

riqiJan18, 2018 noteBy Serena
We are reliable pulverizer machine manufacturers in China. And the crushing chamber of the universal crusher adopts the fully enclosed silencer structure, which can effectively reduce the working noise. The machine is equipped with a cooling device so that the universal mill temperature is reduced and the work is smoother. The body is made of stainless steel, with strong wear-resistant corrosion-resistant features, suitable for processing high-level and corrosive materials.
Our Grinding Pulverizer Machine has the following four features:
1, crushing the cylinder material and forming: The crushing tank of high-quality universal crusher is made of stainless steel in one time, and the inner surface of the crushing tank is polished appropriately so that the universal crusher can be easily cleaned after use.
2, universal mill bearing parts quality: high-quality universal grinder motor bearings generally assembled to ensure that the motor in 25000 rpm high-speed rotation work in good lubrication, will not overheat burned.
3, universal crusher circuit safety factor protection: high quality universal crusher motor GB GB enameled copper wire wound rotor and custom winding parts, the advantages of copper wire is low resistance, good strength, heat resistance, so Long service life, work is not easy to produce heat.
4, continuous processing capacity: universal mill can be crushed processing more than 10kg of Chinese herbal medicine or food materials without affecting the product life.

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Pulverizer Machine Manufacturers

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