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Use of Small Gas Cocoa Bean Roasting Drying Equipment

riqiSep11, 2018 noteBy Serena
Small Gas Cocoa Bean Roasting Equipment for Sale

This small drum cocoa bean roasting equipment is made of stainless steel. It is a kind of mechanical equipment which uses electricity, gas (natural gas or liquefied gas), coal as heat source, adding fine salt powder as drying medium, and heat energy tightly on the roased object. The gas cocoa bean drying equipment will be a perfect choice for small cocoa bean processing factory.
The gas cocoa bean roasting equipment has the characteristics of reasonable structure, high efficiency and energy saving, easy to use, peanut baking oven, beautiful shape, reasonable structure, electric oven with health, no pollution, temperature adjustable, high thermal efficiency, energy saving, baked food with low fat and low cholesterol food healthier roasting machine.
Now the market needs more and more people to use small cocoa bean drying equipment, many people are very curious about it, then we'll take a look at the use of cocoa roasting equipment:
1.  Before starting it, should check the oven drive part is normal, if normal, can ignition temperature rise.
2. The dust storage room at the bottom of the oven should be cleaned in time to prevent the accumulation of ash and smoke, and then contaminate the baked object.

Small Gas Cocoa Bean Roasting  Equipment Video:

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