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Analysis on the Market Demand of Peanut Shelling Machine

riqiOct13, 2017 noteBy Serena
In the peanut processing plant,  peanut shelling machine is essential. For oil, peanut shell adsorption on oil, and the material Hale is easy to wear oil equipment; and for peanut tofu, peanut leisure food, this kind of deep processed products, peanut shell has no direct edible value, so we need to remove. In addition, peanut shells can be used as raw materials for growing mushrooms and feed processing.  Therefore, the market demand of peanut sheller is very objective.
Peanut sheller on the market is divided into two kinds, one is a triangle belt pulley and its driving V-belt, and the other is the shape bar, roller, shed, concave plate and so on. The former by peanut repeatedly against friction and collision, the peanut shell is broken, which produced by the bar and concave rubbing force crushing peanut shell, through the screen aperture when using certain blow force rotating fan, peanut shells will be blown out of the machine body weight, peanut by screening vibrating screen left. The latter has high efficiency of peanut shelling low broken rate, good separation, loss rate etc..
Deep processing of peanut variety, to adapt to the different needs of the peanut sheller. Peanut skin belongs to the traditional Chinese medicine, blood hemostatic effect, therefore, if you want to extract peanut skin pigment as an anti-aging health care efficacy material requires the peanut sheller to protect peanut skin. Peanut sheller shelling device is arranged on the market circulation will be upgrading, two times of small particles of peanut shell, has a protective effect on peanut red.
As the peanut deep processing equipment necessary, now appearing on the market a peanut sheller to peanut  butter grinder and a full set of equipment. But for the rich varieties of peanut deep processing products, as an important development of individual peanut sheller. At present, peanut shelling machine cleaning and noise problem has not been resolved, with the further expansion of the peanut market, there will be more R & D strength and capital to enter the field of peanut machinery and equipment, to solve these problems point the day and await for it.
Peanut Shelling Machine

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