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Application of Pepper Grinder Machine in Food Industry

riqiOct16, 2017 noteBy Serena
The universal pepper grinder machine uses the relative high-speed running between the movable gear disc and the fixed gear disc, so that the crushed material is crushed by the impact of the gear disc, the friction and the collision between the materials. The crushed material can be discharged directly from the grinding chamber. In short, it's crushed by a hammer. Universal crusher is suitable for brittle materials.
Universal grinder applicable to pepper, sugar, salt, rice, corn, oats, flour, starch, fried soybeans, peas, lentils, mung beans, chicken, seasoning, spices, flavors, sweeteners, dried fruit, nuts, potato chips, bread, flour, potato powder, can be tea, coffee, milk powder, Green Tea, mulberry leaves, onion, dehydrated vegetables, lotus seed, glucose, gastrodin, ginseng, oat husk, shell, ginger, black pepper, aniseed, cinnamon, lettuce.
Application Comparison of universal food grinder and traditional Chinese medicine universal crusher:
1.The food powder grinder machine uses the thermodynamic function to change the molecular chain of the flexible polyurethane universal disintegrator into medium length chain, and transforms the superfine universal crusher material into the soft plastic material. This material is suitable for high strength, high hardness, but the demand is not high on the tensile and elongation of plastic products, specifically ultra universal grinder is crushed into powder, mixing into thermoplastic polyurethane, granulating mill in food universal machine, made use of the legal system of injection molding products such as sole, the German company Bayer have done research in this area. This method is suitable for comminution of waste products is very limited, not suitable for large-scale grinding.
2. Chinese medicine universal grinder: under certain conditions, traditional Chinese medicine by alcoholysis, hydrolysis, universal grinder, pyrolysis alkaline hydrolysis method to urethane and urea based fracture soft polyurethane ultra universal grinder in the decomposition of polyols and aromatic amines, such as carbon dioxide, and then through the distillation equipment, the decomposition of separation to reach the crushing.
Pepper Grinder Machine

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