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What principles should be followed in the selection of nut processing machine?

riqiSep23, 2017 noteBy Serena
Here for everyone brief introduction the the principle when you select  nuts processing machine type, we hope it is helpful for you.
1, advanced technology: advanced equipment performance
High performance cost ratio, perfect function, low operation and maintenance cost per unit of product, material consumption, low energy consumption, high degree of processing equipment and processing capacity, stable operation, low investment and production costs, production capacity and higher labor productivity, long service life; advanced technology, with high technical content, is conducive to to promote technological progress and improve the competitiveness, has industrial base, to form a new economic growth point, in line with sustainable development; equipped with advanced equipment, reasonable structure, excellent manufacture, mechanization and automation of continuous high, has high safety and hygiene requirements.
2, high reliability: high equipment maturity
Use has been fully validated and through the use of equipment, not risk without the use of pilot into production equipment, without production practice or technical problems left by the new equipment can not blindly adopt; production of high stability, may cause danger to personnel, should not exceed the workplace and harmful substances to the atmospheric emission standards prescribed by the state the production should not exceed the national standard of noise, vibration, radiation and other pollution. Long service life, no fault of long working hours, the equipment is put into use in case of faults can be repaired, used to a certain limit can not repair the rejection. Without making clear that the equipment according to the design life of 20 years considering the detailed service life from its provisions.
3, applicability: adapt to market changes
To adapt to changes in the local natural, economic and social conditions, the same production line to the deep processing level, the ability to regulate the production, development prospects, is conducive to the development of domestic and foreign markets; matching with the input characteristics, and consider the supply of resources, adapt to the processing of raw materials and other auxiliary materials are required; selection of equipment using the same inputs, try to get more equipment than other broad product portfolio; meet the technological requirements, with the production capacity of the project to match the mutual support between the main equipment and auxiliary equipment; meet the technological requirements, ensure yield and quality; and adapt to the construction scale, product plan, to meet the requirements of the use of existing technical conditions and maintenance requirements; and adapt to environmental safety, ensure production safety, reduce the discharge of "three wastes"; according to the principle of ergonomics, considering the equipment on the environment and operation The influence of the clerk
4, the technology is economic and reasonable:
The equipment selection as far as possible based on domestic, for domestic equipment prices, so the equipment selection as far as possible to consider domestic settlement; if the domestic equipment can not meet the technical requirements, production requirements, quality requirements, and then consider the purchase of foreign equipment; equipment configuration should be balanced, comprehensive consideration of economic test production line configuration, equipment configuration and compact, balanced and coordinated, improve labor productivity; improve the technical and economic value, compares the technical and economic analysis of each scheme repeatedly, the technical and economic benefit, selection of small investment, low cost, high profit, economic and reasonable equipment options.
Read the above introduction, I believe we all have a certain understanding of it. If you still have any questions, welcome to inquire, we wholeheartedly for your service.
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