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How does a peanut shelling machine work?

riqiDec14, 2017 noteBy Serena
The structure of peanut shelling machine is composed of grid gravure, fine grid gravure plate, rotor, wind conveyor, gravity sorting screen, discharge port, secondary fan, 2 rollers and other components. Such a structure, with a simple and compact, reasonable design, easy operation, stable performance, safe and reliable and easy replacement of the screen. So how dose a peanut shelling machine work?
First of all, the peanut is sent to the feeding hopper of the shelling machine, and the peanut first drops into the drum 1 through the action of a fan. The peanut goes upwards and peanuts' shells and kernels peel off under the collision between the grid concave plate and the rotor, Peeled peanut shells and peanut shells at the same time through the former sieve down, while passing through the air duct, the wind blower blowing wind, the wind will be most of the peanut skin blown out, and part of the peanuts have not peeled and peanut small fruit, together Fall into the proportion of shelling machine sorting screen, after screening, peanut sorted by the surface of the screen go up, through the mouth into the sack. The peanut peeled without peeling from the sorting screen surface down, after the discharge crossing, into the secondary fan, was sent to the wind by the conveyor inside the roller 2, the fine grid concave plate for second peel, and then through Sheller gravity sorting sieve sorting, peanut uplink, the peanut shell is blown out of the machine, and ultimately peanuts to achieve the purpose of all peeled.
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