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Hazelnut Nuts Roaster Machine for Sale with Factory Price

riqiSep26, 2017 noteBy Serena
Working Principle of Hazelnut Roaster Machine:
The main heating methods of multi layer drying equipment are electric heating, steam heating, heat conducting oil heating and hot blast stove heating. The main principle is that the uniform material tile on the mesh belt, mesh belt with 12-60 wire mesh belt, dragging by the gear in the dryer and moves, hot air in the materials flow through, water vapor discharged from the exhaust hole, so as to achieve the purpose of drying, the body length by standard sections in order to save space, and can be a multi-layer drying mechanism, usually one layer, two layer and three layer etc..

Characteristic Analysis of Belt Nuts Roaster Machine:
1. The utility model is composed of a plurality of independent unit sections, comprising a circulation fan, a heating device and a single or common inlet and exhaust system.
2. The conveyor belt is used as the materials of stainless steel sheet, with the synchronous movement, the vaporization of water in the material strength is roughly the same, so the material has the same drying time. Very suitable for material color change or moisture content is even, the most important drying process.
3. Belt dryer has one layer and multilayer type, the machine is generally applicable to corn, Cereals, fruits and other materials drying. If the microwave heating source, but also for small food drying, baking, barbecue and other processing.
4. Characteristics: uniform color change material and moisture content index; shape of the materials is not easy to be damaged; has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use; drying medium quality, temperature, humidity and exhaust gas recirculation amount according to the need to implement process control units; covers an area of large, running noise, rehydration is poor, not suitable for the drying of.
Hazelnut Nuts Roaster Machine

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