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How to Correctly Use Moringa Leaves Grinder?

riqiApr28, 2018 noteBy Serena
The steps of correctly use moringa leaves grinder:
1. The powder grinder and power unit should be firmly installed. If the grinder is fixed for a long time, it should be fixed on the cement base.
2. After the moringa powder grinder is installed, check the tightening conditions of the various fasteners and tighten them if loose. At the same time to check whether the tightness of the belt is appropriate.
3. Before starting the moringa powder grinder, first turn the rotor by hand to check whether the claws, hammers and rotors are flexible and reliable, whether there is a collision in the shell, whether the direction of rotation of the rotor is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow, power machine and crushing. Machine lubrication is good.
4. Do not change the pulleys easily to prevent the crushing room from exploding when the rotation speed is too high, or the rotation speed is too low to affect the working efficiency of the moringa leaves grinder.
5. After the start of the grinder should be idle 2 ~ 3min, no abnormal phenomenon after the feeding work.
6. Pay attention to the operation of the grinder at any time during the work. The feeding should be uniform to prevent obstruction of boring cars, and do not overload for a long time. If any vibration, noise, excessive bearing and body temperature, external spray, etc., are detected, the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection.

Moringa powder grinder machine structure features:
(1) the scope of application is wide. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and can meet many industry standards. The crushing chamber is equipped with water-cooled jacket to adapt to the grinding requirements of most heat sensitive materials.
(2) no pollution, small noise, separate room and dust collecting room, so that the dust can be collected fully, can meet the requirements of the cleanliness of the user; the balance of the whole maneuver is good, and the noise is greatly reduced.
(3) the blade in the comminuted knife set, increase the air flow in the comminuted chamber, can guarantee the output, and can reduce the temperature produced during the comminution. It is more suitable for crushing some materials with poor fluidity and stickiness.
(4) equipped with a variety of screen mesh to meet various fineness requirements.
(5) easy to operate and easy to maintain.
(6) the production capacity is strong enough to meet the production requirements of most users.
(7) compact structure, no dead angle, easy to clean up.
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