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Juicing Recipes for Health

riqiAug22, 2017 noteBy Serena
Different types of fruit juice have different nutrients and different effects on people's health. According to the following recipes, you can make a small amount of juice at home, and you can also use fruit and vegetable making machines to produce a large amount of juice in industry.
1) Tomato + Celery + Lemon juice = lose weight.
2) Orange + Carrot = beauty remove spot, lower cholesterol. Note: it's better to separate the juice first and then drink it.
3) Kiwi + Apple + Mint Leaves = nourish your skin, moisturize and whiten, and reduce wrinkles.
4) Papaya + Honey + Orange juice = suitable for lack of energy, indigestion, constipation, gastrointestinal weakness of people drink.
5) Celery + Carrot + Apple = prevention and stability of hypertension and vascular sclerosis. Note: it's better to separate the juice and then drink it.
6) Celery + Tomato +Honey = suitable for men, chronic diseases, women, work fatigue, drinking. Can prevent vascular sclerosis, in addition to trouble soothe the nerves and help sleep; to prevent cancer, strong essence and stomach; can improve the allergic constitution.
7) Carrot + Apple + Honey = suitable for children, poor eyesight, chronic diseases, middle-aged and elderly men, women and other drinking. Strengthen resistance, improve rough skin, prevent eye diseases, cancer and chronic diseases, strengthen bones and protect teeth.
8) Watermelon + Cucumber + Honey + Lemon = diuretic antipyretic, pure blood, regulating body functions, suitable for poor kidney function, Yishui swollen drink. Note: cucumber finally put.
9) Kiwi + Carrot + Apple + Honey + Lemon = supply brain and nerve vitality, prevent anemia, eye disease, asthma, diabetes, purify blood, beautify the skin, and help hair development. Note: the carrots are last put.
10) Cucumber + Lemon + Orange + Carrot + Honey = beauty, can make the skin soft and smooth. Note: cucumbers and carrots are rich in vitamin C enzymes and should be added at last.

Juice Receipes

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