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SUS304 Small Batch Groundnut Roaster Machine Price

riqiMay30, 2019 noteBy Serena
The small batch groundnut roaster machine is made of SUS304 materials, in line with the production of peanut food safety, long service life.

This single-drum roaster can handle 100 -150 kg of peanuts per hour, and the groundnut roaster machine price range is about $3,500-4,200 (depending on heating method, material, etc.)
Small Batch Groundnut Roaster Machine Price

Factors affecting groundnut roaster machine price:

1. Heating mode. Different heating modes of groundnut roaster machine's price will be slightly different, because the roaster machine can use coal, electricity, gas three heating methods, in the choice of the user can according to their own situation, choose the most suitable for their own energy.

2. Capacity. The price of the machine will be different due to the capacity of the machine. Because the roaster has one drum to five drum etc five models, the price of different types of machines is very different. The capaciy is 100-500 kg/h. If you need a larger production machine, we can also customize it for you. So the he user can choose it by himself.

3. The machine material. Our machine material is usually 304 stainless steel, if you need a better material machine, our factory can also be customized for you, but the price will be slightly higher.

I hope that the above three points can help you choose the right groundnut roasting machine. At the same time, you can also contact us, we will provide you with the lowest price.
SUS304 Groundnut Roaster Machine Price

Structure:The groundnut roaster machine with clutch and temperature control device, which uses a rotary cage, heat conduction, heat radiation principle, with gas, fuel or electric heating for fuel. 

During the roasting process, the objects to be roasted in the drum are continuously pushed by the spiral piece to form an uninterrupted rolling, which makes it evenly heated and effectively ensures the roasting quality.

Video of Small Batch Groundnut Roaster Machine:

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