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Groundnut Seed Cleaning Machine With Dust Sieves

riqiJun28, 2019 noteBy Serena
The groundnut seed cleaning machine consists of a motor, a feeding hopper, a sorting sieve, a crankshaft, a suction fan and an air transport device. It mainly classifies peanuts, concentrates on removing impurities and removing sand, stone and mud.
Groundnut Seed Cleaning Machine Manufacturer
Application of Industrial Groundnut Seed Cleaning Machine
The cleaner uses the principle of specific gravity to separate the material from the stone. It has the characteristics of smooth operation, low vibration, low noise, no environmental pollution and good stone removal effect. The peanut cleaning machine can be used with a peanut shelling machine.

It is an ideal equipment for removing stones and impurities from peanut, peanut kernels, soybean, sesame, corn, wheat and other granular materials.

Characteristic of Groundnut Cleaning Machine:
  • There is a reflux device, which can effectively reduce production links and add an outlet.
  • Dust removal device can reduce dust pollution to a great extent.
  • Compact structure, independent operation, convenient movement and adjustable production efficiency.
Groundnut Seed Cleaning Machine With Dust Sieves
Working Process of Groundnut Seed Cleaning Machine With Dust Sieves
1. Groundnut seeds containing impurities flow into the sorting screen from the feeding hopper. Under the action of crankshaft and suction fan, the debris and floating dust of peanut fruits containing impurities are sucked out of the machine.
2. Heavy impurities are sorted by screening, and flow out of the machine from the screen surface to the discharge outlet.
3. After removing impurities, the peanut fruit is flowed into the air conveying device through the outlet through the downward sieve surface, and is transported to the hopper of the peanut shelling system.

Peanut Cleaning and Shelling Machine Working Video:

  • If you find that the grading and stone removal effect is not good, you should check the size of the valve opening, the size of the feed flow and the uniformity of the feed.
  • Air volume regulation: By adjusting the opening degree of the air valve handle, the air volume can be changed. Whether the air volume is suitable or not depends on whether the material on the screen surface is suspended.

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