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Industrial Use Groundnut Cleaning Machine in India

riqiJul09, 2019 noteBy Serena
A set of groundnut cleaning machine and groundnut sheller are sold to India, mainly for industrial use, with a output of 500 kg/h, electric power and a voltage of 380 V.

The customer from India is a partner in a peanut processing plant that produces roasted and seasoned peanut snacks.

The original set of groundnut shelling machine in the factory can only realize shelling, the function is not perfect, and the output is not large, so customers want to buy a groundnut cleaning machine, which can complete the whole process of stone removal, shelling and separation. Customer has come to our factory to see the quality of the machine and saw the working process. At present, the machine has been sent to India.
Groundnut Cleaning Machine India

Characteristic of Groundnut Cleaning Machine in India:
The machine uses fan and vibration screen and separates stone and soil from peanut fruit according to the principle of specific gravity.
1. The machine is equipped with a reflux device, which can effectively reduce production links and add an outlet.
2. The equipment is equipped with dust removal device, which can greatly reduce dust pollution.
3. Compact structure, independent operation, convenient movement and adjustable production efficiency.

Video of Groundnut Shelling and Cleaning Machines:

Buying a groundnut shelling cleaning machine is a matter of choice in conjunction with the production of groundnuts. Otherwise, it may lead to over-utilization or overwork. Both of these are not conducive to agricultural production, and adversely affect the use of the machine itself.

The output of our groundnut shelling and cleaning unit is 3500kg/h, 4500kg/h, 6000kg/h. Welcome to buy. Whatsapp/Mobile: +8615515597212


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