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Conching Process in Chocolate Manufacture

riqiMar24, 2020 noteBy Serena
In the manufacture of chocolate, the conching of ingredients is a basic step. The conching process is to make each part of the chocolate's plasmid small, and improve the flavor and fineness of the chocolate.
Chocolate Conching Process
Conching Process in Chocolate Manufacture
  • First, put in the ingredients.
Oil should be added first, followed by powdered raw materials, and cocoa butter should be alternately placed in portions. The cocoa liquid block should be cut into small pieces in advance, heated and dissolved before being placed.
  • After feeding, wait for the raw materials to stir evenly.
Under the action of lecithin, it has a good effect on the dilution and emulsification of chocolate slurry.
  • During the conching process, the chocolate slurry will generate heat and cause the temperature to rise. The temperature should be strictly controlled.
  • Conching time is generally 16 to 22 hours, and the average fine particle size can reach 20um.
Conching Process in Chocolate Manufacture
In the above-mentioned cnching process, a professional equipment is required-a chocolate conching machine.
This machine adopts worm and worm drive system, and the casing is made of stainless steel. It has many functions such as grinding, dehydration, deodorization, dilution, emulsification, etc. It is one of the key equipments in the chocolate production line.

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