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Industrial Cocoa Bean Roasting Peeling Machine Sell to Poland

riqiFeb24, 2020 noteBy Serena
The two set cocoa bean machines buyer is from Poland and he is local cocoa bean products supplier in Poland. The machine's capacity he needed is 200 kg/h, so The Poland customer buy a two drum industrial cocoa roasting machine and a industrial cocoa bean peeling machine. 
industrial cocoa bean roasting peeling machine Poland
Industrial Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine Poland:
The machine uses intelligent electronic digital display temperature control device to automatically control temperature, so that the baking material is evenly heated. The device is equipped with an automatic lifting function, which can automatically discharge the baking material and remove it once. The baking material is full and the color is uniform.
There are two ways of heating: electric heating and gas heating.

Industrial Cocoa Bean Peeing Machine Poland:
The machine is made up of peeling roller, fan and gravity sorting part. this fan can suck cocoa bean skin, no dust. The peeling machine is the ideal choice for the cocoa bean processing industry. The structure is simple and compact, easy to operate, stable in performance, safe and reliable. 

Industrial Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine Video:

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