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How to Choose Good Nuts Roaster?

riqiAug22, 2017 noteBy Serena
Nuts are very popular in the world, the general process under the nut processing are introduced: nuts bleaching - cleaning - drying - shell opening season - grade packaging, in the process, is the key to the whole process of drying. The drying temperature is too low, slow evaporation of water, affecting the drying rate; high drying temperature, drying speed is too fast, steam easily evaporate fast to produce high pressure, so that the finished crispless hardens, or pale taste. Therefore, the determination of drying parameters and the selection of drying equipment are very important.
Good nuts roasting machine has the following features: automatic temperature control, high degree of automation, simple operation, saving energy, saving manpower, the most important is the baked food appearance color to be positive, no paste surface, good taste.
Nuts Roasting Machine

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