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Multifunctional Chocolate Making Machine in South Africa

riqiMar12, 2020 noteBy Serena
This is a multi-functional chocolate making machine, which can complete the entire process from chocolate raw materials to pouring molding. The machine is flexible, easy to replace formwork, small in output and low in price, and is very popular in South Africa and some American countries.

Not only can be used to produce pure chocolate, sandwich chocolate, nut-filled chocolate, multi-color chocolate, but also can be used to produce biscuit chocolate (adding a cookie insertion mechanism is required).
Hot Sale Chocolate Making Machine in South Africa
Main Equipment of Chocolate Making Machine in South Africa:

1. Chocolate Refiner Machine
It is one of the key equipments in chocolate production line. It is mainly used for finely grinding chocolate raw materials (cocoa powder, cocoa butter, sugar powder, milk powder, etc.). This equipment can effectively control the temperature of the chocolate slurry and ensure the quality and taste of the chocolate.

2. Small Chocolate Pouring Machine
It is a semi-automatic chocolate molding machine that integrates baking mold, pouring, vibrating and conveying. This type of equipment does not include cold channels. Customers can purchase suitable cooling equipment according to their needs.

Our chocolate machine can make all kinds of chocolates:
Multifunctional Chocolate Making Machine for Sale
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