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Professional 100KG Chocolate Making Equipment in the UK

riqiMar12, 2020 noteBy Serena
This is a professional chocolate making equipment, which can complete the entire process from raw materials (cocoa butter, cocoa powder, sugar, etc.) to chocolate molding, and is fully automatic production. This machine can produce chocolate products with an output of about 100kg per hour, which is loved by medium and large-sized chocolate producers in the UK.
Professional Chocolate Making Equipment in the UK
Core Products of Chocolate Making Equipment UK
This machine can grind chocolate sauce to the required fineness. It adopts electric heating method, the back cover is equipped with a ventilation fan, the surface cover is made of SUS304, and the other is made of carbon steel. Long life and stable operation.
2. Tempering Machine
This machine is a special equipment for producing natural chocolate. The temperature quality curve of chocolate meets the technical requirements, which ensures that the chocolate product has good crystallinity, smooth taste and good storage performance.
3. Pouring Machine
This is a fully automatic pouring machine, which integrates drying mold, pouring, vibrating mold, conveying, cooling and demoulding. Can produce pure chocolate, sandwich chocolate, two-color chocolate, whole nut chocolate, broken nut chocolate, wafer chocolate and other products.
100KG Chocolate Making Equipment in the UK
  • Fully automatic production, low labor intensity, convenient operation and maintenance.
  • Accurate pouring quantitative control.
  • The template is positioned accurately and controlled without error.
  • Wide application template, simple changeover.
  • Closed production, safe and hygienic.

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