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Compact Small Cocoa Bean Roaster Machine Manufacturer

riqiFeb20, 2020 noteBy Serena
The small cocoa bean roaster machine is mainly used for industrial or commercial cocoa bean processing. It is characterized by compact structure, high degree of automation, low noise, no pollution and high output.

Application:It is an ideal equipment for roasting cacao beans, peanuts, melon seeds, almonds, walnuts, grain crops and other granular foods.
Compact Cocoa Bean Roaster Machine
Structure of Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine:
The roaster machine is made of metal material, which is composed of a driving device, an electric heating tube, an electric control box, an exhaust port, etc.. The oven is compact in structure and easy to operate.

Roasting Process of Compact Cocoa Bean Roaster
It adopts electric heating mode, and heat energy is radiated by the electric heating tube on the cocoa beans. The electric oven uses the temperature control instrument to automatically control the oven temperature, so that the working temperature is controlled within the set temperature range.

Small Cocoa Bean Roaster Machine Video:

Characteristics of Small Cocoa Bean Roaster Machine:
  • Roasted products are heated at the same time inside and outside, small temperature difference between inside and outside, no deformation, no discoloration;
  • Roasting speed, high efficiency; 
  • Local heating, energy waste, power saving;
  • The temperature can be controlled by stages and the elasticity is high;
  • Stepless constant temperature control system, product quality is stable and reliable;
  • Small size, save space and save cost;
  • Compact structure, long service life.
Small Cocoa Bean Roaster Machine Manufactuer

LONGER - Cocoa Bean Roaster Machine Manufacturer
Our factory is a manufacturer in China with independent research and development capabilities. Our company has developed and produced peanut roaster, cocoa roaster, cocoa bean peeler machine and other mechanical products, won the national patent, and successfully launched to the world market, praised by users. 

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