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Good Performance Almond Peeling Machine in India

riqiAug23, 2019 noteBy Serena
This almond peeling machine uses a wet process to process soaked almonds, peanuts, soybean, chickpeas and more. The peeling rate of almonds is 92-95%, the whole kernel rate is also high, and the performance is good.
A customer from India flew to our factory, tested the machine, and the peeling effect was very satisfactory. He had already placed the order.
Indian customers test machines at the factory:
Good Almond Peeling Machine in India
Main Technical Parameters of Almond Peeling machine:
Capacity:200-220 kg per hour
Peeling rate:90-95%
Whole kernel rate:88-90%
Power:0.75 kw, 380 or 220V
Features of Almond Peeling Machine in India
  • Themachine part in contact with the material is made of stainless steel.
  • The peeling rubber-ring is made of quality rubber through vulcanization, with abrasive wearing of 0.1-0.4mm / 10km and service life more than three times longer than that of an ordinary rubber-ring.
  • Almond skins and kernels can be separated automatically when peeling.
  • Almond is not broken after peeling garments, color and luster is bright.
Wet Almond Peeling Machine for Sale India
Working Principle of Almond Peeling Machine in India
  • The machine imitates the principle of hand peeling.
  • First, the soaked almond is poured into the hopper, and the raw material is moved into the rotating rubber wheel fixed by three power rollers by vibration. The raw material skin is cut by the blade on the tool holder through the action of the inducer bar and the feeding wheel.
  • Then the discharging wheel presses the almond into the discharging hopper after peeling, and discharges the almond in the discharging hopper. The outer skin is discharged by the discharging pulley.

Working Video of Wet Almond Peeling Machine

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