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Ukraine's Sunflower Oil Production Increased By 36%

riqiAug26, 2017 noteBy Serena
Ukraine is an important source of sunflower oil, our company's sunflower seed shelling equipment and oil press equipment sold to the land several times, and the local sunflower oil production has increased substantially. In August 23rd, the Ukraine independent news agency quoted the National Bureau of statistics as saying that in 2017 1-7, Ukraine's sunflower oil production reached 3 million 180 thousand tons, up from 36% in 2016. In July, sunflower oil production was 314 thousand tons, down 30.4%, an increase of 46.4%.
Margarine and edible oil production increased by 28.7% in the year 1-7 months year-on-year, reaching 125 thousand tons. Production in July decreased by 15.6%, an increase of 0.2%, reaching 15 thousand and 700 tons.
According to reports, in 2016, Ukraine produced 4 million 400 thousand tons of unrefined sunflower oil, an increase of 20.2% over 2015. Margarine and cooking oil yield 184 thousand tons, down by 13.6. in 2015.
Ukraine is the world's largest exporter of sunflower oil. Ukraine oil industry association data show that in 2016, Ukraine recorded a record export of 4 million 800 thousand tons of sunflower oil, an increase of 23% over 2015. Total product exports increased from $4 billion 200 million in the previous year to $4 billion 800 million.
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