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Sesame Butter Making Machine Working Video

riqiNov17, 2017 noteBy Serena
The sesame butter making machine is a professional equipment to grind sesame, peanut, almond, cashew nut etc. If you want to make nuts butter, just feel free to contact me. The machine has following featurers:
1. The whole machine is the motor side type, easy to maintain, the whole machine is divided into 304 all-stainless steel and the baking paint type, and the customer can choose according to the requirements of the industry.
2. The main parts of the colloid mill are stator and rotor, which are used to fushun special steel materials. It is well processed, which guarantees the grinding of materials, advanced heat treatment, high hardness and good wear resistance. It greatly improves the service life of the colloid mill and reduces the cost of customer service.
3. It is convenient to remove the stator and rotor, and the fine degree can be adjusted. In the form of three-stage assembly, the grinding time of the materials is long, and the grinding effect is better.

The working video of sesame butter making machine:


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