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How to Safely Use Ground Pod Removing Machine?

riqiSep19, 2017 noteBy Serena
The safe step to use use the groundnut pod removing machine:
1. Before using peanut sheller, we should first check the fasteners of the equipment, tighten no, and then look at the rotating parts of the sheller, how about flexibility, and whether there is enough oil in the bearings of the equipment. Where our machines are located, we should try our best to choose a smooth place.
2. After the motor of the peanut sheller is started, we shall see whether the turn of the rotor of the sheller is clockwise. You can let the equipment idle for several minutes, then observe slowly, if the device has no sound, it can be processed to require unpacking things in the equipment in normal operation condition.
3. When we put peanut or shell things into the sheller, we should evenly, the right amount, without debris into, to fight against our equipment, resulting in unnecessary mechanical failure.
4. We must according to the size of shelling peanuts to choose suitable, different types of screen.
5. If the peanut shell in the machine increases, we will remove the motor on the equipment and repair it.
6. When we operate the equipment, our staff must not stand in the groundnut shelling machine belt drive side, to prevent accidents and damage.
Groundnut Pod Removing Machine

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