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How to Correctly Use Peanut Sheller Machine?

riqiAug22, 2017 noteBy Serena
The normal use of peanut shelling machine working process:
1, the peanut import machine feeding port, open feed baffle, let the peanut into the sieve.
2, in turn to stone and peanut sheller, which run clockwise, then to stone stones and debris from the wind, peanut machine into peanut sheller.
3, peanut sheller to peanut shelling, and peanut skin to be excluded, sorting sieve refers to a thickness of about 2 peanuts, can open the peanut sheller outlet.
4, the work will be finished, the peanut sheller  outlet to be temporarily closed, Stoner peanut fruit has been fully into the peanut sheller after re open the peanut sheller outlet, will release all the peanuts.
peanut shelling machine

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