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Peanut Shell Cracking Machine Market Value

riqiNov06, 2017 noteBy Serena
With the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure, coupled with peanut prices in recent years, the peanut planting area has been expanding. Peanut has a high economic value, peanut oil can be made of peanut oil and other health food products, peanut shells can be made of various building materials, the market demand is very strong. Rely on artificial peanut labor costs, labor efficiency is low, can not adapt to market demand. The use of peanut shell cracking machine is the inevitable trend of the development of mechanization of peanuts, but also the main part of mechanization of peanut production. So the peanut shelling machine has high market value.

The peanut sheller is composed of a shelling mechanism, a vibrating screen, a machine frame, a motor, a blower, a transmission mechanism, etc. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, high production efficiency and low price. , And achieved certain results, and summed up the peanut shelling mechanization technical specifications, peanut shelling industry laid a solid foundation for the healthy and orderly development.
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Peanut Shell Cracking Machine Market Value


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