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Points for Attention When Handling Peanut Cutting Machines

riqiSep30, 2017 noteBy Serena
The appearance of peanut cutting machine has brought great convenience to people's life, and saved a lot of labor and time for people. Here's a look at the operation of peanut shredder need to pay attention to the main points.
1. When the machine is ready for storage, it should eliminate its appearance, dust, dirt and residual grains and other debris. The machine should be covered well and stored in a dry warehouse to avoid the sun and rain.
2. Remove the belt and take care of it separately.
3. Clean the bearings with diesel oil and grease them after airing.
4, should maintain the transmission parts and bearings inside the room sufficient grease, and regularly cleaned and replaced.
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Peanut Chopping Machine

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