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Buy Nut Grinder to Make Almond Butter

riqiOct09, 2017 noteBy Serena
The nut grinder is an advanced colloid mill which can make almond butter, peanut butter, tahini, walnut butter etc. LGJMS colloid mill through the LONGER Machinery design improvement for nearly 20 years, the current technical level to achieve the international advanced level. If you want to buy a a good quality almond butter grinder machine, welcome to our compnay. The bad quality nut grinder have following features, help you to buy a good quality almond butter machine.
Quality of the bad colloid mill features: in order to reduce production costs, the production of all materials selected low-end low-quality stainless steel made, and some of the materials even nylon. There are serious problems in the quality of these colloid mills, not only the production is very low, the processing temperature is very high, the fineness of grinding is not enough, even the machine itself is in danger of production. More part of the business itself does not have the ability to produce colloidal grinding equipment, the use of reselling means to seek benefits. The quality of such colloid mill can not be guaranteed, and the after-sale service can not be obtained after the problem arises.
Grinder to Make Almond Butter

The working principle of colloid mill is composed of a motor through a belt drive gear set switch gear and the suitable for relatively high speed rotation, the processed materials by the weight of foreign currency or pressure spiral downward impact, through the gap between the stator and the rotating tooth by strong shear force, friction force, high frequency vibration and other physical the role, so that the materials can be effectively emulsifying and dispersing and grinding, achieve superfine grinding materials and emulsifying effect.
Its characteristics: compared with pressure homogenizer, colloid mill is a kind of centrifugal equipment, it has the advantages of simple structure, convenient equipment maintenance, suitable for high viscosity material and material with larger particles, its main disadvantage is its decision structure.


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