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Operation Instructions For Colloid Mill

riqiJul25, 2017 noteBy Serena
1. The colloid mill is a high precision machine. The wire speed is as high as 20m/ seconds, and the clearance of the grinding disc is very small. Coaxiality error less than 0.05mm after repair must be corrected back shell and spindle indicator.
2, To repair the machine, in part, to the adjustment process, never allowed direct percussion with iron hammer. Apply wood hammers or pads to prevent damage to parts.
3. This confidential seal: divided into static and dynamic seals. The static seal adopts O rubber ring, and the dynamic seal adopts hard mechanical combination seal. Found hard sealing surface scratches, should immediately repair grinding in the flat glass or plate casting, grinding material for silicon carbide abrasive cream is better than 200#. If the seal is damaged or badly cracked, please replace it immediately.
4, In the process of use, should be based on the processing of materials, as appropriate, regular maintenance.
5, Please refer to the motor instruction manual for the maintenance and use of the motor.
6, Most of the random spare parts are GB, department standards, all over the country are purchased.
7, The processing materials must not be allowed to mix quartz sand, broken glass, metal debris and other hard substances, strictly prohibited to enter the colloidal grinding process.
8, Start, close and start cleaning before and after cleaning, the colloid mill must keep the body of water or liquid material, prohibit idling and reverse. Otherwise, improper operation will seriously damage the hard mechanical components or static grinding disc, moving disk or leakage, burning motor and other faults.
Operation Colloid Mill

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