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How to Hull Buckwheat Easily and Efficiency?

riqiFeb13, 2019 noteBy Serena
With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, buckwheat and other grains are more and more popular. Because the key point of buckwheat processing technology is to remove buckwheat hulls and separate kernels, how to hull buckwheat easily and efficiency? The key equipment is buckwheat hulling machine.
How to Hull Buckwheat Easily and Efficiency?
Steps to Hull Buckwheats:
1. Buckwheat is classified into different grades according to its size by using a grader.
2. Use buckwheat hulling machine correctly, adjust the distance between two sand rollers according to the size of buckwheat, and pour buckwheat into the machine. At last all buckwheat will be shelled clean by the way of friction.
3. The buckwheat huller will sort the shells from kernels automaticlly, finally get hulled buckwheats.

The buckwhat hulling machine is a high efficiency machine to hull buckwheat, wheat, rice, paddy, mung bean, soybean etc grains. It has these advantages of high shelling rate, low damage rate. Compact structure, the operation of the tube will be easy to install, with a removable device for the shell and reduce environmental pollution, superior performance, reliable work. It is an excellent machine for processing buckwheat in the vast rural areas and factories.
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Use of Buckwheat Hulls:
Besides, buckwheat hulls can be used to do many pillows, according to reports, buckwheat hulls has the effect of bright eyes on the human body, and buckwheat shells can move slowly in the pillow, can play the role of massage to relieve neck fatigue. Buckwheat pillow is the most traditional pillow. It has the advantages of pillow, moderate hardness, moderate elasticity, suitable for all kinds of people and age, and are suitable for winter and summer.
Above is the steps of how to hull buckwheat and the hulls use range. If you are interested in buckwheat hull removing machine, just contact me or leave your email.
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