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How to Shell Lots of Sunflower Seeds Quickly?

riqiJun28, 2020 noteBy Serena
Sunflower seeds are a delicious snack, but it is very troublesome to remove the shells, do you think so? Especially when it is necessary to process a large amount of sunflower seeds, such as in a factory. So how to shell lots of sunflower seeds quickly?
How to Shell Lots of Sunflower Seeds?
When it is necessary to shell a lot of seeds, manual work is too slow, and equipment needs to be used to improve efficiency. In the factory, a professional sunflower seed shelling machine is used.
First, after the sunflower seeds are added to the hopper, they enter a hoist and a variety of impurity removal machines to remove heavy objects such as stones, impurities lighter than the sunflower seeds, and deflated seeds.
Then enter the shelling part. In fact, the method of shelling is similar to that of using the mouth to squash the seeds. First, the seeds are sorted according to certain rules, and then enter the tooth roller, squeezing and impacting the seeds from the side, causing the shell to break.
Then, the sunflower seeds and shells and the unshelled sunflower seeds pass through the multi-layer separator, the shells are blown away, the sunflower seed kernels are separated into whole kernels and broken kernels, and the unshelled sunflower seeds are returned to the dehulling process to dehull.
How to Shell Sunflower Seeds? - Sunflower Seeds Shelling Machine

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