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How to Make Cocoa Powder from Cocoa Beans? 6 Steps

riqiJul21, 2021 noteBy Serena
Cocoa powder is extracted from cocoa beans and is expensive. If you grow a lot of cocoa beans around, or you buy a lot of cocoa beans from other countries, you can start making cocoa powder. So, do you know how to make cocoa powder from cocoa beans? You must know the following.
Cocoa powder making process:
Cocoa Roasting - Cocoa Peeling - Cocoa Grinding - Cocoa Oil Press - Coarse Crushing - Fine Powder Grinding - Cocoa Powder
How to Make Cocoa Powder from Cocoa Beans?
How to Make Cocoa Powder from Cocoa Beans?
Step 1 - Cocoa Roasting
Chocolate manufacturers generally purchase cocoa beans from major cocoa-producing countries. The first step is to roast the cocoa beans. The roasting temperature and time will determine the aroma and flavor of the chocolate, which is a crucial step. Generally speaking, the roasting temperature is between 120 and 160 degrees Celsius.

Step 2 - Cocoa Peeling
The roasted cocoa beans are peeled and crushed to produce cocoa nibs. In this process, all the skins of the cocoa beans must be removed, otherwise the quality of the cocoa powder will be affected. Cocoa nibs are the raw material for making chocolate.
Cocoa Roasting and Peeling
Step 3 - Cocoa Grinding
Pour the cocoa nibs directly into the cocoa grinder for grinding. After grinding and heating, it will become a fluid paste, which becomes "cocoa mass". After cooling, it will form hard lumps and become "cocoa liquor".

Step 4 - Cocoa Oil Press
Cocoa nibs can become cocoa mass because cocoa nibs contain about 55% fat. Put the cocoa slurry into a hydraulic press for squeezing, then "cocoa butter" can be extracted.
Cocoa Grinding and Oil Pressing
Step 5 - Coarse Crushing
After cocoa mass is hydraulically squeezed out of cocoa butter (or part of the cocoa butter), the remaining mass is called cocoa cake. It is very thick and hard, so crush it coarsely.

Step 6 - Fine Powder Grinding
Qualified cocoa powder products must pass through a sieve, and the fineness must meet certain requirements. Therefore, we need to finely grind the coarsely crushed cocoa powder again to achieve a fineness of 100 mesh or 200 mesh.
Cocoa Powder Grinding Machine Supplier
Automatic Cocoa Powder Processing Machine:
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The cocoa powder line has a variety of output options to meet the needs of different factories. The output ranges from 100kg/h to 2000kg/h.

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