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How to choose dryer machine?

riqiApr17, 2018 noteBy Serena
The dryer machine is a nuts and beans drying machinery widely used in food processing. When we choose the dryer, we need consider many factors. During the use, the sesame seed dryer machine must follow certain requirements and steps in order to maximize the maximum performance of the dryer machine.
The factors to be considered in the selection of dryer machine:
1. physical and chemical properties of materials - form, water content, water content, crystalline water, grain size, bulk density, viscosity, thermal sensitivity, softening point, phase change point, thixotropy, toxicity, corrosive, odor, flammability, explosive, electrostatic, gas permeability, agglomerate, crystal or particle pulverization.
2. the drying characteristics of materials -- drying curve, critical moisture content and equilibrium moisture content under the selected drying conditions.
3. dry production requirements and vision planning.
4. material value and drying effect. Such as product moisture, pollution, temperature, wear, pulverization, comminution, rehydration and other effects on commodity value.
5. requirements for material recovery rate.
6. the process of the upper and lower order of the drying process of material.
7. drying methods or drying methods for similar products.
8. the available heat sources (coal, fuel, electricity, gas, liquefied natural gas and natural gas).
9. the size of the installation site, there is no special requirements.
10. environmental protection requirements -- restrictions on dust emissions, noise, vibration, odor, volatile matter and so on.
11. the amount of purchasing capital that may be invested, the price of local labor, land and energy.
12. user level and maintenance ability.
how to choose dryer machine
Seeds dryer machine usage requirements
1. To formulate a plan for the maintenance and repair of drying machines. At the same time as formulating the annual production and business plan, it is necessary to formulate a maintenance plan for the equipment so that it can be implemented in terms of time, funds, and manpower.
2. The establishment of roasting machine repair and maintenance institutions, and maintenance personnel, to clarify their responsibilities, to perform pre-job technical training, unqualified persons can not be employed, in addition to the necessary spare parts reserve is essential.
3. Do a good job with the actual records of repairs and maintenance, to set up a fault diagnosis team to analyze the reasons for the failure, and promptly ruled out.
4. Formulate a repair and maintenance system suitable for the company to ensure that the oven is operating properly.
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