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Chocolate Melanger Machine Arrived in Australia

riqiJul08, 2021 noteBy Serena
A 40L chocolate melanger has arrived in Australia, and the customer has received the equipment.

This Australian customer ordered a set of small-volume cocoa liquor processing equipment in February. Later, he wanted to improve the quality of cocoa liquor and added a chocolate melanger machine again. The finished cocoa liquor will be sold directly to chocolate factories, etc.
40L Chocolate Melanger Australia
Introduction of Chocolate Melanger for Sale Australia:
  • The machine has reasonable structure, reliable performance, and has the functions of refining, grinding, deodorization and dehydration.
  • The volume can be customized 40-3000L according to customer needs.
  • The machine has an interlayer and can pass cooling water. Cooling water can take away the heat generated by the machine during work.
  • The whole machine is equipped with jacket insulation thermometer and slurry temperature measuring thermometer.

Application Range of Chocolate Melanger Australia:
Used for refining cocoa butter, cocoa powder, cocoa liquor, powdered sugar, milk, etc. It can also be used for refining jam, peanut butter, soy flour or oil materials or other chemical raw materials for daily use.
It is one of the key equipment for fine grinding of chocolate. The grinding time is usually 16-22 hours and the average fineness can reach 20 microns.
Chocolate Melanger Machine for Sale

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