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Small Capacity Chestnut Roaster Machine in UK

riqiMar02, 2020 noteBy Serena
The capacity of this small chestnut roaster machine is 100-150 kg per hour, and the part in contact with the material is stainless steel, which has the advantages of good roasting effect, energy saving, safety, and easy operation. This machine is very popular in small and medium nut snack processing factories in the UK.
Best Chestnut Roaster Machine in UK
Working Process of Chestnut Roaster Machine UK
Through the heat generated by the work of the electric heating tube, the materials are baked using the principles of heat conduction and heat radiation, and the materials are fully flavored. During the heating process, the drum is constantly rotating, so that the material is evenly heated, and the baking quality is guaranteed.

Features of Small Chestnut Roaster Machine
  • The temperature can be adjusted freely according to the required temperature of the material between 0-300 degrees.
  • The inner rotating cage is made of punched stainless steel plate, which is stronger and more durable.
  • Added time control function: open time controller. Adjust the controller to the time required for the material to bake. After the material is roasted in the oven to the adjusted time, the alarm light will alarm and the controller will be closed.
  • After roasting, the appearance of the food is positive, and the surface has no stickiness.
2020 Small Capacity Chestnut Roaster Machine
Mainly used in beans, nuts, etc. to reduce moisture for drying or roasting. (Such as peanuts,cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame, almonds, chestnuts, broad beans, pistachios, soybean).

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