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How Does a Castor Seed Sheller Machine Work?

riqiOct31, 2017 noteBy Serena
The castor seed sheller machine chooses a 3 kW motor and a blower, and the steering and stopping of the motor and fan are controlled by a reverse clockwise switch. The motor is fed clockwise counterclockwise to castor, mainly used to launch castor grain and troubleshooting, fan for off chip, slag generated in the threshing.
The motor belt wheel through a belt wheel, CVT pulley, synchronous gear, the cutter disc, special-shaped cutter rotary cutting work castor, adjustable steering handle, the cutter speed change; another transmission line is composed of two grade V-belt wheel, worm gear drives three sets of rotary drum.
The drum is equipped with a compression spring, rubber roller, plastic roller, including two sets of rubber roller rotates, the rubber roller is gripping, conveying and castor function, the spring can be adjusted properly according to the distance between two drum diameter of castor, in order to adapt to the different size requirements of castor.
A group of plastic rollers can clamp and transport castor oil to waste bins. Lubricate cutter and cutter head using drip type oil cup, lubricating oil with olive oil. In order to make the structure compact, plastic bearing is installed in the cutter head.  Plastic bearings rotate on the shaft.
The main part of the sheller machine for lubrication of castor worm and plastic bearings, worm wheel and worm drive with open, lubrication with butter; plastic bearings require running lubrication, the needle type oil cup standard, volume 200 ml, and the end is equipped with a drip tubing, tubing is connected with an oil bolt. The other end is connected with the groove on the bearing connection. Can adjust the size of the dripping cup tubing in the work. Olive oil is the best choice for oil, considering the price can be tested with other edible oils.

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