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1 T/H Almond Cracking Machine in USA

riqiSep01, 2021 noteBy Serena
In March 2021, an American customer placed an order for a 1t/h almond cracking machine, and the machine arrived in the USA in August.
1 T/H Almond Cracking Machine in USA
The progress of this client's almond processing business:
The customer has his own almond farm in USA, and his almonds are directly sold to almond processing plants after harvest. Now he wants to start his own almond processing business. The current plan is to dehull and grade the almonds and then sell them. Later, he may consider expanding.

Now, the customer's factory has been built and the equipment has arrived at the factory. Once the equipment is put into use, the customer will continue to give us more feedback.
Almond Cracking Machine Price in USA
Introduction of Almond Cracking Machine in USA
This set of almond processing equipment includes an almond sheller machine, a shell and kernel separator, and an almond grading machine, which can break three levels of almonds with different specifications at the same time. It is suitable for large-volume operations and is an ideal choice for large-scale almond processing plants to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

1. The raw almond enters the shelling machine through the elevator (the gap of the cracker machine can be adjusted according to the size of the raw material to achieve complete shelling).
2. The shells and kernels enter the shell and kernel separator, and the kernels come out of one feed port, and the shells come out of the other feed port.

We provide customers with high-quality and low-cost products. This almond  cracking machine has been sold to USA, Georgia, India, Afghanistan, Libya and other countries. Excellent quality and perfect after-sales service are deeply trusted and praised by users.
Our factory can customize and design this almond processing plant for you according to the scale of production and the size of raw materials.

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