How to remove black gram skin?

It is very hard to remove black gram skin and th problm is troubled by many people. Here will tell you two simple ways which can help you easily remove skin of it.
One methid to remove skin for commercial use:
Black gram skin removing machine is professional equipment to remove skin of black gram. It can be used to peel skin of black gram, chickpeas, soya bean, mung bean, broad bean and peas. The peeling machine is the ideal equipment for soybean to remove fishy and improve the grade of bean products; widely used in food processing plants, hotels, hotels, canteens, and other specialized households, it is the most popular equipment for peeling beans for the majority of users.
Two method to remove black gram skin at home:
Soak black gram, back pressure with a knife can easily peel, not too much, you can gently split the beans in half, then pick the skin off. Or the beans will be handled well in the water, with both hands a little rubbing, the skin will go up, water and skin drained together. Black grram spread on the chopping board, hold down the beans with a kitchen knife to press down, while moving to the left (right), move back and forth against the bean (so that the beans scrolling under the knife scrub), you can easily remove the black gram skin.
Black gram is not only a very rare and rare germplasm resources, but also belongs to the highly nutritious legumes, rich in a variety of plant proteins and a variety of amino acids, vitamins, crude fiber and calcium, magnesium, iron and other ingredients. Pure protein content of more than 28%, 5% fat, carbohydrates 61%, fiber 4 to 6%.
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how to remove black gram skin