Roasted Peanut Peeler for Sale

In the current use of peeling machine, this roasted peanut peeler machine is very common, characterized by: a single head, roll off the peeled way, the rack on the peeling machine used to peanut red skin, rack Under the exhaust device, and electronic control system used to wash away the red peanut skin. Suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises and family workshops. As in the process of peanut peeling opportunities have a certain loss, it is recommended that users should do regular maintenance of machinery and equipment, in order to achieve the best utilization!

Debug peanut peeler machine before use is very important, debugging and then use it again to save time and effort, here is a brief introduction:
First, look at the turn. Peanut peeling machine connected to the power, take a look at the steering is accurate, to the electric switch, will inevitably damage the machine for a long time reverse.
Second, the next roller can not move.
Third, on both ends of the roller uniform shrink at the same time, can not only zoom aside.
Fourth, the screws must be tightened. After the machine is tightened, the screws should be tightened to avoid running loose.
These are some of the precautions when debugging roasted peanut peeling machine, choose the quality of service, please choose us, we will be your right choice.We will continue to provide you with quality and friendly service. Look forward to your friendly cooperation!
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Peanut Peeler for Sale